YSL VizLite 305
Reflective Material

YSL VizLite™ 305 Flame Retardant Fluorescent Yellow / Silver Reflective Material is constructed of a silver reflective element applied to the centre of the Fluorescent yellow flame retardant backing. The central silver element of YSL VizLite™ 305 meets and exceeds the reflective requirements and the Fluorescent Yellow element meets the requirements for chromaticity of both EN471 2003 Class 2 and ANSI 107/2004. YSL VizLite™ 305 meets the performance levels for EN469 2005 making it an ideal product to use on FR and Fire Fighters garments. In a domestic wash YSL VizLite™ 305 is washable up to 25 cycles at 60°C and is dry cleanable for up to 5 cycles. The product comes in rolls of 100 metres and is available in 2 widths, 50.8 mm and 75 mm.
At a glance
25 wash at 60°C
5 dry cleans
EN471 & ANSI compliant

EN469 compliant

Roll length 100m
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