YSL VizLite 701
PVC Tape - Reflective Material

For use on non EN471 safety garments, armband and for a decorative reflective effect in garments and accessories, VizLite™ 701 PVC Tapes are available in 4 colours:White, Red, Yellow and Orange.VizLite™ 701 is a coloured reflective stitch-on tape. The light-reflecting layer of this tape consists of PVC encapsulated material. The light reflected is white – regardless of the colour of the tape. The substrate layer is 100% PVC. Specifically designed for use on non-compliant garments (i.e. not complying to international standards such as EN471), VizLite™ 701 tapes offer good reflectivity levels of up to 100 cd/lux/sqm.
At a glance
25 wash at 40°C
EN471 & ANSI compliant
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