Reflective sheeting, screen-printing and digital printing

Prealux distributes a wide range of reflective sheeting, manufactured by industry leaders Avery Dennison and Yeshili New Materials (YSL).
We are specialised in screen-printing and digital printing of sign faces for road signs and in the assembly of complete traffic signs, CE marked according to the EN-12899 standard.

From reflective sheeting to complete road signs

    • Retroreflective sheeting for road signs and traffic safety:
      • Omnidirectional, prismatic or beaded
      • Different performance levels (RA1, RA2 and RA3)
      • Manufactured by industry leaders, such as Avery Dennison and YSL
    • Retroreflective sheeting for vehicles and emergency vehicles:
      • To improve day and night visibility
      • ECE 070 panels for trucks
      • ECE 104 contour marking (Conspicuity Tape)
    • Inks for screen printing
    • Avery Dennison’s TrafficJet digital printing system
    • Sign faces
    • Semi-finished product (iron or aluminum sign plates)
    • Permanent road signs (with CE marking according to EN 12899 requirements)

WS removable clamp supports

Innovative claw clamps for the mounting of vertical signs on guardrails and Jersey barriers, especially on road work sites.